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With a total of 2.5 million square kilometres, Western Australia is the most significant state in all of Australia. It is located in the country’s western region and has a population of roughly 2.6 million people. On the state’s southern coast, Perth serves as the state capital.

The breathtaking natural beauty, varied landscapes, and rich cultural legacy of Western Australia are well-known. The state’s extensive coastline attracts tourists worldwide to its stunning beaches, such as Cottesloe and Scarborough. The region is also home to some of the world’s most unusual animals, including kangaroos, wallabies, and quokkas.

The state’s broad economy comprises industry, tourism, agriculture, and mining sectors. In addition to being a key exporter of wheat, wool, and seafood, Western Australia is a notable producer of minerals, including iron ore, gold, and nickel. The state is also well-known for its vital tourism sector, which attracts millions of tourists annually to destinations like the Ningaloo Reef, the Kimberley area, and the Margaret River wine region.

Western Australia has a diverse climate, with tropical weather in the north and a Mediterranean climate in the south. The area is renowned for having pleasant winters and scorching, dry summers. The Aboriginal Australians, who have been residing in Western Australia for tens of thousands of years, are the land’s traditional proprietors. People of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander heritage make up around 3% of the state’s population.

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