20 Best Beaches in Adelaide

Welcome to Adelaide, a vibrant coastal city known for its stunning beaches and relaxed seaside atmosphere. Whether you’re a local looking for a weekend escape or a tourist planning your visit, Adelaide offers a wealth of beautiful beaches to explore. From popular sandy stretches to hidden gems, a beach suits every preference. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey to discover the 20 best beaches in Adelaide, showcasing their unique features, attractions, and activities.

Glenelg Beach

Glenelg Beach is one of Adelaide’s most popular and iconic beaches. Glenelg is just a short drive from the city centre and offers a picturesque coastline with a bustling atmosphere. The beach boasts a long stretch of golden sand, perfect for leisurely walks or sunbathing. Visitors can also enjoy a dip in the calm waters of Holdfast Bay, which is excellent for swimming and water sports. The vibrant Jetty Road precinct nearby offers a variety of dining, shopping, and entertainment options, making Glenelg Beach a favourite destination for both locals and tourists. More Details and Map

Semaphore Beach

Situated in the charming suburb of Semaphore, Semaphore Beach is another must-visit destination. Semaphore offers a perfect spot for beach lovers and families with its wide sandy beach and clear blue waters. The Semaphore Jetty is a popular attraction, providing panoramic coastline views and an excellent fishing platform. The Semaphore foreshore boasts an array of playgrounds, picnic areas, and barbecue facilities, making it an ideal spot for a day out with the family. Additionally, the beachside Semaphore Road offers a range of shops, cafes, and restaurants to explore. More Details and Map

Henley Beach



Henley Beach is a beautiful coastal suburb that offers a relaxed and laid-back beach experience. The beach is characterized by its long stretch of white sand, crystal-clear waters, and picturesque dunes. Henley Square, located nearby, is a vibrant hub with various cafes, restaurants, and boutique shops. Visitors can stroll along the beachfront, swim, or relax on the sand while admiring the stunning sunsets that Henley Beach is known for. More Details and Map

Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach is a charming coastal gem known for its calm waters and family-friendly atmosphere. The beach is perfect for swimming, paddleboarding, and other water activities. Brighton Jetty, an iconic landmark, is a popular spot for fishing enthusiasts and offers a lovely backdrop for sunset walks. The Esplanade running parallel to the beach, is lined with cafes, restaurants, and shops, providing a range of options for a delightful beachside meal or a shopping spree. More Details and Map

Maslin Beach

Maslin Beach is a picturesque coastal haven located south of Adelaide. This beach is known for its stunning cliffs, clear waters, and pristine surroundings. Maslin Beach is also famous for being Australia’s first official nude beach, with a designated section for clothing-optional sunbathing. In addition, Maslin Beach offers a tranquil escape from the city’s hustle and bustle for those seeking a natural and serene environment. More Details and Map

Port Noarlunga Beach 

Nestled in the suburb of Port Noarlunga, Port Noarlunga Beach is a hidden gem that showcases the beauty of Adelaide’s southern coast. The beach is known for its reef, which creates a natural swimming pool during low tide, making it an ideal spot for snorkelling and exploring marine life. The historic jetty offers a picturesque backdrop and is a popular spot for fishing. With its calm and clear waters, Port Noarlunga Beach is a favourite among locals for its peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. More Details and Map

Aldinga Beach


Aldinga Beach is a pristine coastal stretch known for its natural beauty and tranquillity. The beach features soft sand, crystal-clear waters, and stunning coastline views. Aldinga Beach is also famous for allowing vehicles to drive on designated sections of the beach, providing a unique experience for beachgoers. In addition, the nearby Aldinga Scrub Conservation Park offers nature trails and picnic areas, making it a great addition to your beach visit. More Details and Map

Moana Beach

Moana Beach, located in Adelaide’s southern suburbs, offers a picturesque coastal experience away from the crowds. This expansive beach boasts beautiful sand dunes, clear waters, and a peaceful ambience. Moana Beach is ideal for long walks along the shore, beachcombing, or simply relaxing in a tranquil environment. The beach is also famous among surfers, thanks to its consistent waves. More Details and Map

West Beach

West Beach is a vibrant coastal destination that offers a mix of relaxation and entertainment. The beach is known for its long sandy stretches, perfect for sunbathing or building sandcastles with the family. The adjacent West Beach Recreation Reserve provides barbecue facilities, picnic areas, and playgrounds, making it an excellent spot for a day out. In addition, the nearby West Beach Parks Adventure Park offers thrilling activities such as waterslides, mini-golf, and go-karting for those seeking adventure. More Details and Map

Henley South Beach

Henley South Beach, located adjacent to Henley Beach, offers a quieter and more secluded experience. This beach is perfect for those seeking solitude and tranquillity while enjoying the stunning coastal scenery. The beach is often less crowded, allowing visitors to unwind and relax. Henley South Beach is also excellent for romantic walks along the shore or picnics overlooking the ocean. More Details and Map

Somerton Beach

Somerton Beach is a charming and picturesque coastal spot known for its pristine sands and inviting waters. This beach offers a serene and relaxing atmosphere, making it a perfect destination for a leisurely day by the sea. Somerton Beach is also home to the iconic Somerton Park Surf Life Saving Club, which adds to the beach’s character and provides safety services to beachgoers. More Details and Map

Hallett Cove Beach

Hallett Cove Beach, located in the suburb of Hallett Cove, showcases breathtaking geological formations and stunning coastal views. The beach is surrounded by Tower cliffs and unique rock formations, including the renowned Sugarloaf Rock. Hallett Cove Conservation Park, adjacent to the beach, offers walking trails that allow visitors to explore the fascinating ancient rock formations and enjoy panoramic views of the coastline. More Details and Map

Port Willunga Beach

Port Willunga Beach is a picturesque and tranquil coastal spot south of Adelaide. The beach is known for its striking cliffs, soft sand, and crystal-clear waters. The remnants of the historic Port Willunga Jetty provide a unique backdrop and are popular among photographers. The nearby Star of Greece shipwreck, visible at low tide, adds an intriguing element to the beach’s charm. Port Willunga Beach is a perfect destination for beachcombing, swimming, and enjoying a peaceful day by the sea. More Details and Map

Tennyson Beach

Tennyson Beach is a beautiful and unspoiled stretch of coastline that offers a pristine environment for beachgoers. The beach features soft sands, clear waters, and dunes covered in native vegetation. Tennyson Beach is also home to the Tennyson Dunes Conservation Reserve, which showcases unique flora and fauna. Visitors can explore the walking trails and learn about the area’s natural heritage while enjoying the beauty of this secluded beach. More Details and Map

North Haven Beach

North Haven Beach, located in the suburb of North Haven, is a hidden gem that offers a tranquil coastal escape. The beach features calm waters, a sandy shoreline, and a relaxed atmosphere. North Haven Beach is ideal for swimming, paddle boarding, and other water activities. In addition, the nearby marina and boat ramp provide easy ocean access, making it a popular spot for boating enthusiasts. More Details and Map

Sellicks Beach

Sellicks Beach is a stunning coastal destination located south of Adelaide. The beach is known for its long stretch of sand and clear waters, offering a serene and unspoiled environment. In addition, Sellicks Beach is famous for its panoramic views of the surrounding hills and vineyards. Visitors can take leisurely walks along the shore, enjoy a beachside picnic, or relax in a peaceful and natural setting. More Details and Map

Seacliff Beach

Seacliff Beach is a beautiful coastal spot known for its dramatic cliffs, golden sand, and sparkling waters. The beach offers a scenic setting for beach activities, including swimming, surfing, and beach volleyball. The Seacliff Jetty provides a picturesque backdrop and is a popular spot for fishing. Seacliff Beach is also conveniently located near the Seacliff Beach Hotel, where visitors can enjoy a meal or a drink with ocean views. More Details and Map

Grange Beach

Grange Beach is a popular destination for locals and visitors seeking a vibrant beach experience. The beach features a long stretch of sand, ideal for sunbathing and picnicking. Grange Jetty is a favourite fishing spot and offers panoramic coastline views. The beach is also surrounded by various dining options, including cafes and restaurants, making it a great place to grab a bite to eat after a day in the sun. More Details and Map

Best Time to Visit Adelaide Beaches

The best time to visit Adelaide’s beaches largely depends on personal preferences and the activities you wish to engage in. However, the summer months of December to February are generally considered the peak beach season, with warm temperatures and longer daylight hours. As a result, the beaches are bustling with locals and tourists during this time, creating a vibrant and lively atmosphere.

If you prefer a quieter beach experience, the shoulder seasons of spring (September to November) and autumn (March to May) can be ideal. The weather is still pleasant, and the beaches are less crowded, allowing for a more serene and relaxed ambience. These seasons are also great for outdoor activities such as walking, jogging, or beachcombing.

It’s important to note that Adelaide’s weather can be unpredictable, so it’s always a good idea to check the forecast before heading to the beach. Additionally, be mindful of the UV index and take appropriate sun protection measures, especially during the summer when the sun’s rays can be intense.

Safety Tips

When visiting Adelaide’s beaches, it’s crucial to prioritize your safety and well-being. Here are some essential safety tips to keep in mind:

  1. Swim between the flags: If lifeguards are present and have set up designated swimming areas with flags, swimming within these zones is recommended. They mark safer areas and provide added protection.
  2. Be aware of surf conditions: Remember surf forecasts and any warnings or advisories. Strong currents and rips can be hazardous, so assessing the requirements before entering the water is essential.
  3. Stay hydrated and protect yourself from the sun: Adelaide’s beaches can experience high temperatures, especially during summer. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and seek shade when needed. Apply sunscreen regularly and wear protective clothing to shield yourself from harmful UV rays.
  4. Be cautious of marine life: While encounters with marine life are generally rare, it’s wise to be aware of your surroundings. If you encounter any jellyfish or other potentially dangerous creatures, it’s best to keep a safe distance and seek assistance.
  5. Follow beach regulations: Respect any signs or rules in place at the beaches, including restrictions on alcohol, bonfires, or off-leash dogs. These rules are in place to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all beachgoers.

Safety should always be a priority, and it’s essential to use common sense and exercise caution when enjoying Adelaide’s beautiful beaches.

Renting Surfing and Snorkeling Gear

Fret not if you’re interested in surfing or snorkelling but need your equipment! Adelaide offers various rental options where you can quickly obtain the necessary gear to enjoy these activities.

Several surf schools and shops near famous surfing beaches provide equipment rental services. Whether a beginner or an experienced surfer, you can rent surfboards, wetsuits, and other accessories to hit the waves and experience the thrill of surfing.

For snorkelling enthusiasts, there are also rental services available. These services typically offer snorkelling sets, including masks, snorkels, and fins. With the right gear, you can explore the underwater world and discover the vibrant marine life that inhabits Adelaide’s coastal waters.

Renting gear is a convenient option, particularly for travellers who want to avoid investing in their equipment or are limited by luggage space. It allows you to fully enjoy the beach activities without the hassle of transporting and maintaining your gear.

Camping in Adelaide Beaches

For nature lovers and adventure seekers, camping on Adelaide’s beaches can be a fantastic experience. Several camping grounds and caravan parks are situated near the coastline, offering a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in nature and wake up to the soothing sounds of the ocean.

These camping areas provide basic facilities such as toilets, showers, and barbecue pits, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable camping experience. Some locations even offer powered sites for caravans and campervans, making it convenient for those travelling with their vehicles.

Camping on the beaches of Adelaide allows you to enjoy breathtaking sunsets, stargazing, and long walks along the shore. Familiarizing yourself with each camping site’s rules and regulations, including any booking requirements or restrictions on open fires, is essential.

Remember to respect the environment and leave no trace of your visit. Pack up all your rubbish and dispose of it properly, ensuring that you’re preserving the natural beauty of the beaches for future visitors to enjoy.

Beaches with Trekking Trails

If you’re an avid hiker or enjoy exploring nature on foot, several beaches in Adelaide offer trekking trails and scenic walks.

One such beach is Hallett Cove Beach, which features the Hallett Cove Conservation Park. The park boasts a network of walking trails that meander through unique geological formations, including the famous Sugarloaf Rock. It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn about the region’s geological history while enjoying stunning coastal views.

Another beach with trekking trails is Tennyson Beach, home to the Tennyson Dunes Conservation Reserve. The reserve offers a range of walking trails that wind through the dunes, showcasing the area’s diverse flora and fauna. It’s an excellent spot for nature enthusiasts and birdwatchers.

The Adelaide Coastal Park, stretching from North Haven to Sellicks Beach, also offers interconnected walking trails along the coastline. These trails allow you to explore various beaches, enjoy scenic viewpoints, and immerse yourself in the coastal landscape.

Before embarking on any trekking or walking adventure, ensure you have appropriate footwear, carry enough water, and follow any safety guidelines or trail markers. Stay on designated paths and be mindful of your surroundings to appreciate these beachside trekking trails’ natural beauty fully.

So, lace up your walking shoes and get ready to discover the stunning landscapes and captivating views that await you on Adelaide’s beach trekking trails.

Accommodation Options

Adelaide offers a range of accommodation options for visitors looking to stay near the beaches. From luxurious beachfront resorts to budget-friendly holiday rentals, there is something to suit every traveller’s needs and preferences.

Suppose you’re seeking a luxurious and indulgent experience, several upscale resorts and hotels near famous beaches, such as Glenelg and Henley Beach. These accommodations often offer stunning ocean views, top-notch amenities, and convenient access to the beach and other attractions.

For those on a budget or looking for a more laid-back experience, numerous holiday rentals, guesthouses, and backpacker hostels are available near the beaches. These options provide a comfortable and affordable stay, often with communal areas where travellers can socialize and meet fellow beach enthusiasts.

Camping is also a popular choice for nature lovers and adventure seekers. There are camping grounds and caravan parks near many of Adelaide’s beaches, offering a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural surroundings and enjoy the beach at your doorstep.

Regardless of your accommodation choice, booking in advance, especially during the peak summer season, is advisable to secure your preferred dates and avoid any last-minute disappointments.

Adelaide is a haven for beach lovers, with its diverse range of stunning coastal destinations. From the bustling atmosphere of Glenelg Beach to the serene beauty of Sellicks Beach, each beach offers its unique charm and attractions. So whether you’re looking for family-friendly spots, secluded retreats, or vibrant beachfront communities, Adelaide has it all. So grab your sunscreen, towel, and sense of adventure, and explore the 20 best beaches that Adelaide has to offer.


1. Are the beaches in Adelaide safe for swimming? Yes, most of the beaches in Adelaide are safe for swimming. However, it’s always a good idea to check for any surf or weather conditions before entering the water and swim between the designated flags if available.

2. Can I bring my pet to the beaches in Adelaide? The rules regarding pets on beaches vary depending on the specific beach and time of year. For example, some beaches allow dogs on leashes during certain times, while others have restrictions. It’s best to check the local council regulations before bringing your pet to the beach.

3. Are there facilities available at the beaches in Adelaide? Many of the famous beaches in Adelaide have facilities such as public toilets, picnic areas, barbecue facilities, and playgrounds. However, the availability of these facilities may vary from beach to beach, so it’s advisable to check beforehand.

4. Can I go fishing at the beaches in Adelaide? Yes, fishing is a popular activity at many of the beaches in Adelaide. However, following local fishing regulations and being aware of specific restrictions in certain areas is essential. Fishing from jetties is a common practice and can be a rewarding experience.

5. Are there any surfing spots in Adelaide? Yes, Adelaide is home to several great surfing spots along its coastline. Some beaches, such as West Beach and Middleton Beach, are well-known for their consistent waves and are popular among surfers of all levels.

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